About Us

We are here not for income, but for outcome
Amuria Youth Alliance Development Organization (AYADO) is a youth led, voluntary, interfaith, non-profit and indigenous Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Uganda NGO board with the registration Number INDR14949364NB and has been operating in Uganda since 2016. Vision: supporting rural vulnerable youth through Sustainable Development interventions and respect of their rights AYADO currently operates in the three (3) districts in Uganda. They include: Terego/Rhino refugee camp, Kotido (Panyangara) and Amuria districts.

Our Mission

To support government and other agencies’ effort to provide an enabling environment for vulnerable rural communities to achieve holistic development through sustainable development interventions and respect of their human rights

Our Vision

To Support rural vulnerable communities through Sustainable Development interventions.
Our Savings for Transformation approach provides platform for vulnerable households to save and acquire quick and cheap loans to invest in productive activities.

This enables them access Loans and credit used to start individual micro- businesses and cater for immediate household needs like clothes, access medical care, purchase of food and scholastic materials for their children.
We are building economic self-reliance among refugee and host communities through modern agricultural production, financial inclusion, and enterprise development.

AYADO is helping in addressing various factors that affect girls’ access to education services through community-based training of girls to make their own sanitary reusable pads, art and craft skills.
We are supporting environment conservation and regeneration of depleted biodiversity through Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration and agro-forestry practices.
We are improving nutrition among rural communities in Uganda by promoting vegetable kitchen gardening and growing of food crop varieties that are drought resistant and disease tolerant varieties eg pigeon pea and Narocas1.
AYADO developed Environment4tomorrow App using digital information platforms (mobile based platform) to send out re-greening, weather, agriculture (crop pests and diseases, agro-inputs) and early warning messages across mobile phones which promoted and enforce behaviour change among farmers. The app has helped rural farmers to access weather and market key messages on their phones hence enabling them to plant on time, make informed decisions and market their agricultural products.

We are promoting access to HIV Testing, Counselling and Treatment Service among communities in Uganda by optimizing for a high yielding HIV Testing and Counselling Service approaches, provision of HIV/TB care and treatment, improve retention and viral suppression, scale up services to reach among vulnerable refugee and host population.
AYADO is Making Rights a Reality for Uganda’s population by enhancing access to justice through mutually-reinforcing human capacities to understand and claim their rights, improving local capacities to deliver justice to the affected. We are improving social relations and social cohesion among various communities. AYADO is utilizing the school of forgiveness and reconciliation (ESPERE) approach by working to build trust and improve relationships between and among conflict actors thus, are contributing to building a culture of sustainable peaceful coexistence.
What We Do?

We are youth-led Voluntary, Interfaith, Non-Profit & NGO Ogranization

"Amuria Youth Alliance Development Organization "

Pure Water

Water For People is a global nonprofit that helps people bring clean water and sanitation solutions to their communities for generations to come

Healthy Food

Donating non-perishable food items is a great way to give back. Families experiencing food insecurity rely on donated food at food pantries to help them stretch.

Medical Facilities

Our donations aim to increase access to medicine and medical supplies for those who cannot afford them. Together we can provide medicines and treatments to others.


Your donation can make a difference providing education to people who desperately want to learn. Whatever you can give, your gift will help put someone.