ASK4Girls Clubs Project, Amuria District — Uganda:

Through generous support from Girls Opportunity Alliance, AYADO in consortium with ACESWORLD is helping in addressing various factors that affect girls’ access to education services which include provision of sanitary towels, quality monitoring and capacity building of senior women teachers who shall support mentor girls on reproductive health and hygiene by empowering them to make their own sanitary reusable pads and art and craft skills. This is leading into increased access to quality and sustainable education among girls who have been affected by the impact of COVID 19 and have been in their respective homes since 2019. AYADO is providing psychosocial support to most affected girls with priority to marginalized and most vulnerable girls such as orphans, girls with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDs and other vulnerable categories.

What Girls Learn

Transformative Life and Green Livelihoods

Strengthen analytic and dialogue, critical thinking, teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and public speaking skills.
Describe the concepts of human rights.
Develop ideas for action against gender-based violence.
Develop the sewing skills necessary to make reusable pads.
Explore financial literacy.
Learn green livelihoods e.g art and craft crochets (sandals, door mats making) for alternative income options and enable them meet basic needs costs. Locally available eco-friendly materials shall be promoted

Reproductive Health Skills

Make and learn to use menstrual bracelets and reusable sanitary pads.
Describe how poverty and gender inequality lead to death and health problems among adolescents.
Understand the relationship between sexual health, well-being, and human rights.
Understand gender and sexuality.
Understand human anatomy, puberty, and reproduction.
Understand sexual and reproductive health.