Food Security Livehoods

Over the past 6 years, AYADO has implemented projects that promote climate-resilient livelihood such as; Saving for Development Clusters (SDCs) among women and girls, promotion of demand-driven micro-businesses through Income-Generating Activities (IGAs), enhancement of post-harvest handling techniques, promotion of Market System Development (MSD) approach for women and teenage mother, cash for work, agricultural support for lactating mother and climate-resilient adoptions as well as promoting climate resilient agricultural activities to enhance food security and household incomes

AYADO promotes household demonstration of intensive farming for quick maturing and drough resistant crops through its experienced livelihood staff, AYADO also promotes the use of low external input agriculture practices for mainly high yielding and drought-resistant crop seeds (maize, vegetables groundnut and other varieties). This is to promote food security at households among women at risk which is their major source of livelihood and for income purposes.

AYADO has natured its external relations and advocacy with the government officials, other NGOs staff, beneficiaries, Implementing Partners, local government and other stakeholders both at the field level and management level. Throughout the years, AYADO has formed a good working relationship and understanding of Uganda development policies and guidelines. This has culminated into acceptance, sustainability and easy implementation of project activities.