Refugee Response

Omugo Improved Food Security and Livelihood Project (Terego):

To respond to refugee challenges, Amuria Youth Alliance Development Organization with funding from Child Rights Violence Prevention Fund is implementing a project titled ‘Omugo Improved Food Security and Livelihood’ in Rhino Refugee Settlement in Terego District, West Nile Region. The project is improving food security and economic self-reliance among 1,000 vulnerable and unemployed youth in Rhino refugees camp and host population. In total 1,000 youth households (700 refugees and 300 host) are being supported on agricultural production and productivity improvement, financial inclusion, skills and enterprise development.

Key Achievements / Results

1. Strengthened youth household income & Business development

2. Increased Refugee food productivity and food security:

3. Increased Refugee Access to Micro Credit and Business development:

Moment of happiness

…………only when our youth have a livelihood & and income secure shall we be sure of a better tomorrow………