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African Youth Alliance Development Organization (AYADO) is a youth-led voluntary, interfaith, non-partisan Non-Government Organization registered with the National Bureau for Non-Governmental Organizations of Uganda with the registration Number INDR14949364NB and has been operating in Uganda since 2006.
AYADO is helping in addressing various factors that affect girls’ access to education services through community-based training of girls to make their own sanitary reusable pads, art and craft skills.
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AYADO piloted "Saving for Transformation (S4T)” model as its yardstick to address this problem among teenage mothers who are predominantly abandoned by their husbands and are living with chronic illnesses especially Hepatitis B and other STIs...

In Uganda, where acute, infectious, communicable diseases still contribute the major (75%) disease burden; with malaria, acute respiratory infections, and HIV/AIDS among the top 10 causes of illness and deaths, the burden of NCDs is markedly increasing posing a threat of double epidemics of communicable and non-communicable diseases
AYADO promotes household demonstration of intensive farming for quick maturing and drough resistant crops through its experienced livelihood staff, AYADO also promotes the use of low external input agriculture practices for mainly high yielding and drought-resistant crop seeds (maize, vegetables groundnut and other varieties).

We are youth-led Voluntary, Interfaith, Non-Profit & NGO Ogranization

"African Youth Alliance Development Organization "

Pure Water

Water For People is a global nonprofit that helps people bring clean water and sanitation solutions to their communities for generations to come

Healthy Food

Donating non-perishable food items is a great way to give back. Families experiencing food insecurity rely on donated food at food pantries to help them stretch.

Medical Facilities

Our donations aim to increase access to medicine and medical supplies for those who cannot afford them. Together we can provide medicines and treatments to others.


Your donation can make a difference providing education to people who desperately want to learn. Whatever you can give, your gift will help put someone.
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You can volunteer in some of our services from age 15 and we have opportunities for young people to get involved with our work.

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Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research, education and emergency care.
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15 May


African Youth Alliance Development Organization is piloting climate resilient Livelihoods among vulnerable women and youth in Amuria district (Uganda). We are contributing towards prevention and mitigation of the effects of global climate change in targeted sub counties of Acowa and Abarilela sub counties, Amuria district (Uganda) by; 1- Enhancing tree cover through afforestation and reforestation activities.
25 Feb


It’s against this background that AYADO in partnership with UNODC is raising public awareness on this negative vice of corruption to development and fight against with strongest terms possible. Taking the momentum of the ongoing decentralization process and the increased incompetency in the Inspector General of Governance Office (IGG), there is urgent need to forge transparent local structures from the citizens management and raise the awareness of local officials and administration that corruption